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Receive worldwide approval and acceptance of your training
IT Solutions to suit your business
Provides the recognition and validation of your skills
Room Rental


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Authorized Training Programs:

Global Training Standards

Learn through internationally maintained training standards.

Vendor-Controlled Programs

Benefit from constantly audited and monitored courses.

Internationally-Recognized Training

Receive worldwide approval and acceptance of your training.

Training Provisions:

Vendor-Certified Instructors

Be taught only by trainors with recognized technical and teaching skills.

Vendor-Developed Manuals

Learn the software the way their makers want you to.

Vendor-Approved Facilities

Experience training with quality PCs and support facilities.

Vendor-Designed Certificates

Signify your learning with distinguished, world-recognized proof.

Training Methodology:

Hands-On Experience

Maximize learning with see-to-know, touch-to-learn techniques.

Real-World Lab Exercises

Experience real-life business applications while you learn.

Multi-Sensory Learning

Increase retention with audio, visual and tactile methods.

Value Services

Retake Privilege

Each client is entitled to refresher courses on training he has previously attended. This privilege is can be applied within six (6) months after the training.

Training fees on retaken courses are on us. Food is to the account of the participant. No new kits will be released for this.

Other conditions apply for no-show students and some customized courses.

Phone Support

Participants also benefit from the complimentary phone support on any topic covered during the training. External help desk support is provided at no extra cost to the participant. Phone support is chargeable after three months from the last day of the training.

Courseware Anywhere

EduPro will hold the training anywhere you want - classroom or client-site. Anyway you want - be it semi-customized or one-on-one. Whenever you want- regular or special schedule,and weekend or half-day-only sessions.

Ideal for large group of participants situated far away from our center. Also for those who can easily deploy equipment for training and provide a venue suitable for this purpose.

Classroom Lease

Classroom lease services are available complete with peripheral services and equipment. Complimentary assessments on the training needs of the participants are provided for large group of clients.

Payment Options:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card